Superman Metropolis  |  833 pcs  |  52000金冠电子游戏

4D 金冠电子游戏官网 now introduces the official "mini" puzzle guide for Superman Metropolis, based on DC Comic’s famous Superman Comic Series. This puzzle will guide players through the assembly of the official DC map of Metropolis in a patented multi-layer design.  The first layer is a 701+ piece jigsaw puzzle that will teach you all about the various locations and regions of Metropolis. The second layer is an artistic 35+ pieces jigsaw puzzle that replicates the more detailed landscape.  The third layer you add 3D miniature replicas models into the puzzle, which include famous buildings and structures such as Daily Planet, Ace O Clubs, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lexcorp Towers, STAR Labs, Suicide Slums, and many more! Each model is a highly detailed mini sculpt of the actual location. In addition, the puzzle comes with an Official Guide to Metropolis Poster that guides you through the build. Ages 8+. 

Assembled Dimensions:金冠电子游戏 30" x 16" x 2.5"

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4D 金冠电子游戏官网 is a patented, multi-layer puzzle that is fun, challenging, and educational. Assemble the first two layers of the puzzle to form a map of the city's streets, islands, roads, railways, parks, and geography. When the base layers are complete, you're ready for a trip through history!